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LONG TERM BENEFITS: Get Real Reviews & Attract More Business Every Month!

Having real positive online reviews from your customers has great impact when it comes to attracting new business and retaining business long-term. A recent local consumer review survey conducted by Bright Local discovered that “86% of consumers read reviews for local businesses (including 95% of people aged 18 – 34).

How are you getting fresh positive reviews for your business every month?

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Why Your Business Needs Great Online Reviews Today & Tomorrow

A large percentage of people looking for the products or services your business provides use online reviews to decide if they’ll do business with you or a competitor.

According to Status Labs, 85% of customers use the Internet to research before making a purchase.

Easily Get Positive 5 Star Reviews & Valuable Feedback from Your Customers!

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If your business has NO reviews, you’re an unknown quantity and review savvy consumers will call the businesses with 4 stars or greater before they’ll take a chance on calling a business that has zero social proof.

Your review rating score and the number of reviews you have can determine where your business shows up in the search engines. Your business can be found in the map results at the top or at the bottom where people aren’t looking.


“91% of 18 – 34 year old consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations” – Source: Bright Local

Welcome to the 21st Century Where Consumers Have Choices!

Here’s an Important Question to Ask Yourself… 

If You Were Doing a Search Online for Dental Clinics in Watertown New York, Which One Would You Choose ?


Review Rating


Ratng: 2.5 (25)


Review Rating


Ratng: 3.0 (123)


Review Rating


Ratng: 5.0 (243)

The obvious answer? Dental Clinic “C”  Why ?

1. One of many reasons is the fact that 57% of consumers disregard a business with less than a 4 star rating. Dr. Korwek is the obvious choice…people are instantly drawn to his listing.

2. Dr. Korwek and other business owners who are “in the know” when it comes to the importance of online reviews aren’t getting ratings and reviews month in and month out by accident…!   

3. Dr. Korwek is one of the market leaders for the dental industry in his city. People looking for dental services aren’t going to have to think twice about calling his office – they’re just going to pick up the phone and call because he’s given them great reasons to, and his clinic is trusted.

Capture Attention

Capture the attention of your prospective customers when we publish your 4 & 5 star reviews right to your site.

  • “92% of users will use a local business if it has at least a 4-star rating”
  • Your best reviews continually stream in REAL-TIME to your site – set and forget!
  • You’re always in control of the reviews you showcase on your site.

Stream Your Best Reviews to Your Website

Example of a Business with Great Reviews Dominating the Google Local 3 Pack Results

Let’s Take a Look at Van Derhoof Roofing Co., Inc. – First in the Google Local Pack

Van Derhoof Roofing Co., Inc. in Syracuse NY is in the top spot for the search “Roofing Syracuse NY” having the highest star rating and number of reviews over competitors.

Recent reviews are given more weight and are considered more important by Google over older ones. Google’s algorithm isn’t perfect; it can be a bit “funky” at times so it’s not always the case that companies  with the best reviews rank at the top, but having good reviews and lots of them has been shown to be an important ranking factor overall.

  • Positive reviews, fresh new reviews and LOTS OF THEM are what consumers and Google are looking to see from a local business and reward accordingly.
  • If your business has negative reviews, no reviews or very few reviews? Chances are, you’re losing sales IN SILENCE and you don’t even know it.


”86% of people would pay more for services from a company with higher reviews and ratings.” (Source: Status Labs, 2018)

The Facts are Indisputable

Check out the data from an article published on the Moz blog in September of 2015…(these numbers are even higher now, given consumer trends)

Our research also uncovered that businesses risk losing as many as 22% of customers when just one negative article is found by users considering buying their product. If three negative articles pop up in a search query, the potential for lost customer’s increases to 59.2%. Have four or more negative articles about your company or product appearing in Google search results? You’re likely to lose 70% of potential customers.”

Your Online Reviews are the ONLY Free Advertising You’ll Ever Have on Google

And they’ll either be working FOR you or against you…

Take Control Today Over the Conversation Taking Place Online About Your Business...

You might have an awesome business with fantastic products and services and happy customers overall, but are they keeping the good news to themselves?

There’s a simple way to help them get the word out and leverage what your loyal fans would love to say about your business so you can attract even MORE BUSINESS!


”57% of consumers will only use a business if it has four or more stars.”
(Source: Bright Local)

How Our System Works​

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What if you were able to solve this problem once and for all and start leveraging the power of reviews for your bottom line today?

Our powerful 5 Star Review Builder System™ gives you a simple solution that’s easy and effective, helping you take control of your online reputation and start building positive reviews quickly.

Our system makes it EASY for your customers to leave you great reviews on autopilot so you don’t have the hassle of having to ask them or follow up with them, call them back to remind them and basically end up bugging them about it!

Enter Your Info to Demo Our 5 Star Review Builder System™!

Enter your information below (100% safe, for demo purposes only). This is the PRIMARY step you need to take for your customers in order to get great 5 star results!
As you’re about to experience, the power of this system is in its ease of use and simplicity:

Take Control and Start Building Great Reviews for Your Business That Translates into More Calls, Leads and Sales

Our system is non-intrusive; gently leading your customers to leave not only positive reviews, but also giving them an opportunity to leave you invaluable feedback on their experience. AND, it makes it super easy for them to do and doesn’t take much of their time…

What About Those Unhappy or Unreasonable Customers?

Some people are impossible to please but with our system, you’ll have a second chance to fix any issues, concerns or problems disgruntled people have and put out any small fires before they become blazing infernos online because with our alerts you’ll know right away they’re unhappy…

Our System Does It ALL For You

You can’t control 100% what people say online about your business but you CAN take more control of the process and ensure a better outcome, which means more NEW customers willing to give your business a chance.

The good news is, if you continue building up a great reputation, over time your business will one day be the “go to” business that customers looking for the products and services you provide call FIRST…

The result? More and better reviews month in and month out…year in and year out for your business, coming directly from your REAL customers who are helping you achieve the online reputation you deserve…

How Our 5 Star Review Builder System™ Helps You

Let’s build the strong reputational foundation your business needs so that all of your additional marketing efforts count for more!

Choose Review Sites

Choose the review sites that give you the most exposure and branding for your industry. We usually suggest starting with Google.

Instant Feedback Notifications

Receive text/email alerts so you know when a customer completes feedback, giving you the opportunity to respond quickly.

Respond to Reviews

One of the best things businesses can do is respond to all published reviews within 24 hours. Alerts let you know a review has been posted.

Fix Any Issues Fast

With our feedback request system, you’ll know if a customer has an issue or problem so you can quickly make it right.

Stream Reviews LIVE

Boost your website engagement and social proof by live streaming your reviews directly to your website!


See what’s happening with your account when it’s convenient for you, track progress and ensure your employees are following through.

Have a question? We can Help!

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Major Industries That Benefit from Having Positive Review Ratings

Salons & Spas

Invite your happy clientele to spread the good word about how great they feel after a relaxing visit. You know your service is awesome, let’s make sure the rest of the world knows too when they see your reputation outshining the rest

Home Services

Customers have lots of choices when it comes to home service providers. Give yourself the competitive edge – drive inbound calls and become their obvious choice with review ratings head and shoulders above the rest

Shops & Restaurants

Whether you’re attracting local people, travelers or a mix of both, you have the ability to draw their attention your way. Having the best reviews online makes all the difference for your prospective customers

Insurance & Financial

People reference 3rd party recommendations in these industries, similar to our other ones. They want assurances that providers are experienced, credible and trustworthy. Stellar reviews give them that comfort level.

Medical & Dental

Your existing patients can help showcase your credentials, expertise and trustworthiness to those looking for new providers in your area. Let them know they’re in good hands and will receive the quality care they’re looking for.

Real Estate Professionals

Differentiation can be tough for real estate pros. Building social proof with great reviews on sites such as Google, Facebook and Zillow help you stand out from the competition to become your market’s clear choice.


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Become your market’s number one “go to” business people choose when they’re looking for the products and services you offer.

No Long Term Contracts – Cancel Anytime

You now have the power to guarantee that your business is the obvious best choice consumers discover when they search for the products and services you provide.

Now more than ever before, consumers are spending more and more time online, looking closely at company websites and their messaging, looking at businesses’ Google My Business and other vital directory listings and also closely scrutinizing the online reviews of businesses they’re considering doing business with.

There are no formal contracts or commitments, just a simple agreement that outlines the terms for clarity’s sake – you can cancel anytime.

Invest In Your Business Success Today & Tomorrow!


  • Our 5 Star Review Builder System™ pricing, when it comes to building great reviews for your business is the best on the market, guaranteed.
  • You won’t receive a better value for money anywhere else for a similar service. We’re here to serve and to help you succeed with our system because we know that your success is our success.
  • If at any time you need clarification or a consultation we’re here for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

The only way you won’t see results with our system is if you don’t use it. Your only task is to enter every customer into your customized feedback portal and follow a brief script that gives them a heads up regarding feedback and the next step.

The only way you won’t see results with our system is if you don’t use it. Your only task is to enter every customer into your customized feedback portal and follow a brief script that gives them a heads up regarding feedback and the next step.

The only way you won’t see results with our system is if you don’t use it. Your only task is to enter every customer into your customized feedback portal and follow a brief script that gives them a heads up regarding feedback and the next step.

That’s the beauty of this system. It takes almost no effort on your part or your staff’s! It takes a few seconds to enter your customer’s basic information into your personalized feedback portal and your customer does the rest.

We provide you with a brief script to follow as far as what to say to your customer before they give their feedback in order to get best results.

When you enter your customer’s information into your feedback portal, they are taken to what we refer to as your “internal feedback page” where you have the opportunity to ask them questions and “warm them up” for leaving a public review on Google (or other review site of your choosing).

You can customize the questions on this page, based on your individual business needs. For example, the question “How did you hear about us?” is a valuable insight for you to have, as far as how people are learning about your business.
We can provide you with a list of example questions to choose from upon request.

Your staff will be notified when internal feedback is given by a customer. Your business can benefit tremendously from internal feedback, gaining invaluable insights into your customer’s experience that you would not have otherwise had.

Sure you can think about it but is this really an extra task or an extra expense, or a wise investment into your business? If you don’t do this now, what’s going to be different 3 months from now…six months from now? You’re just going to be that much further behind your competition when it comes to building a great reputation online. Your business won’t have moved forward and you won’t be attracting new people in one of the most powerful ways available, by real 3rd party recommendations.

Our system gives your happy customers the opportunity to share their positive experiences with the world and as a result, bring more business your way.

The power of online reviews, when it comes to influencing consumer’s buying decisions is only going to increase with each passing year.  Your competitors, if they aren’t already aware of this fact will soon see that having great reviews = more business and sales month in and month out.

It’s only be a matter of time before they adopt our 5 Star Review Builder System™ or a much pricier option, or even hire a reputation manager for $60,000+/year.

The sooner you start getting great reviews for your business, the sooner your solid reputation foundation gets built and the further ahead you’ll be once your competition catches on.

We work on a “first come/first serve” basis.  Once your spot is filled by a competitor, we would need to put you on a waiting list if/when the spot opens up again for your industry and region.

Initially, yes we may until we have the spot filled for your area and industry. We normally focus on one specific industry at a time, booking clients within various cities and regions within the U.S. and Canada. 

For example, if we’re approaching dental clinics or auto repair shops in a suburb of Syracuse NY, once one of those clinics or shops becomes a client, we essentially give them an exclusive with our service and ONLY work to build their reputation within their region and industry.

Once they are paid and onboarded, we do not accept directly competing clinics or shops as reputation clients within our new client’s service area.

Yes, of course you can cancel at any time, we don’t lock anyone into a contract but we don’t advise cancelling for a few reasons, and these are important to understand.

When you reach a certain threshold with Google you can temporarily pause driving Google reviews and direct customer traffic elsewhere.

For example, you could send prospective review traffic to your Facebook page, Yelp listing, etc…in order to build great reviews on those platforms for your business.

You can never have too many great reviews online but keep in mind, Google is the most important and we always advise starting with Google and making Google your main focus.

If you want to make a change at some point, just let us know and we’ll direct your customers to the review platform of your choice.

The other reason not to cancel? We’re offering our lowest pricing ever to new and existing clients right now. If you come back later and want the same pricing we cannot guarantee the same low monthly fee.

That’s a great question. Sometimes you can get “fake” negative reviews removed but there’s no guarantee that your efforts will be successful.

With our system, you have the ability to “drown out” or bury any negative reviews that you currently have or any new ones that may slip through with many more positive reviews.

This is another great reason why you’ll want to continue building great reviews month in and month out, especially on Google…(because Google is where the majority of your customers will be looking for the products and services your company provides).

Our 5 Star Review Builder System™ is designed to act as a “firewall” protecting your overall review rating average from being brought down by the occasional negatives that could come at any time, as well as giving any unhappy customers the opportunity to give feedback before they go public with a bad review on your company.

The other huge reason is the fact that having lots of great reviews, as well as reviews that are recent play an important role when it comes to your business being the hands down obvious choice for consumers to call first before a competitor when they’re looking for the products and services your company provides.

Yes absolutely! Having great reviews as well as recent ones are an important ranking factor Google takes into consideration when it comes to displaying relevant results to their searchers.

Google looks favorably on businesses with positive recent reviews. Getting better rankings on Google is yet another reason to continue building great positive reviews for your business month in and month out.

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